Standard Kitched Sink Strainers


These strainers are the most common type used in standard kitchen sinks. When the handle is rotated, the desired result is to either allow water to drain –  or to use the strainer as a plug stop. A major flaw in this design is that most strainers fail to remain in the drain position due to the gravity pressure from the water above which creates quite a force. There is nothing to retain the stopper in the open position.  The results are usually a sink full of soapy, yucky water with bits of celery floating on top..

Taking initiative to modify the design, I unscrewed the assembly, and discarded the rubber stopper and its zinc weight. I cut a piece of plastic from a joint compound lid, punched a small hole through it, and re-screwed it to the handle. After making this modification the strainer can only function in the drain position, which is suitable for my personal kitchen use.

Standard Kitched Sink Strainers

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