DIY Drywall plugs

 Easy Repair for Small Holes in Drywall




Small holes in sheetrock like the one shown above can simply be repaired with a scrap piece of sheetrock so long as it’s greater than the size of the hole. Judging by the shape of the hole, it seems that it was caused by a poor system of anger management. I am not qualified to advice on such issues, but I will say this: If you are prone to anger and have a history of punching walls, it’s best to avoid impact with the studs in order to avoid damage to the hand. It would also be prudent to mark the location of the studs prior to the next fit of anger.


A small piece of sheetrock was cut from the front side. The back was then cut to fit the dimensions of the hole. The desired result is to achieve a professional finish by using the paper as regular paper tape is used to cover seams. After a snug fit was assured, the paper was dampened with the spray bottle.



If I had scissors at the time, I would’ve rounded the corners of the paper nice and neat, but I didn’t so I ripped them by hand. It should have no adverse effect on the repair, but the photo did come out ugly. The wall was skimmed thoroughly with joint compound and the home made drywall plug was put in place. It took about a day to dry because of the added moisture.


After givin it a second pass on the following day, evidence of the hole had completely vanished.

DIY Drywall plugs

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