Sell out sell out

Sell out, sell out


Sell out, sell out, on the hill

Sniffing coke through a hundred dollar bill

Puppet of a puppet of an ancient slave master

-the covert order of everlasting disaster

Pariah, imposter, mercenary, shill

Isn’t it a bitter pill


They scribe the numbers of hell ‘cross the sky

You claim indifference, yet you have two good eyes

The humanoid drones which serve the dark forces

Have had their DNA severely altered


With usery and skumbaggery, they have brought

The world to its knees

Destroyers of joy, a cancer to creation

There’s nothing left but a living damnation


The children of the twilight have been poisoned since birth,

Prodded, shackled, branded and labeled

Sent off to study the doctrines of hate

And fostered to worship material things


Shyster, deceiver, molester and bankster

A false messiah for a new world gangster

The rascals they gather beneath the tower but,

You know they would rather search for new worlds to devour


Sell out, sell out, on the hill

Sniffing coke through a twenty dollar bill

‘oh my poor misguided brother,

Why would you wish to be

A traitor to humanity

How will thou fare for the harvest of souls

Will Heaven have you even still,

Sell out, sell out, on the hill


Sell out sell out