Annoying Doorknob Holes

A Quick fix for those annoying doorknob holes

It makes no sense to spackle over a doorknob hole when the metal knob continues to make contact with the soft gypsum. This problem can be easily rectified with a few common items likely to be found on the bottom of any average tool box: An  anchor, a pan head screw, and a flat washer.


Simply ream a hole at the exact location where the knob strikes the wall with a drill bit or hand tool. The diameter of the hole should accommodate the anchor being used. The anchor should not be loose, nor should it be too snug. You want to be able to hand push ninety percent of the anchor into the hole and tap the remaining section flush with the wall using a tool, or piece of scrap wood.

If you wish to paint the wall guard to match the existing walls, be sure to use a metal based primer.

*  If the knob strikes the wall guard with excessive force,  that knob is more likely to sustain damage from impact. It is recommended that you avoid slamming doors whenever possible.



Annoying Doorknob Holes

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