Chipped Tub Repair

Chipped Tub Remedy:


In spite of its superior resilience, porcelain enamel can become scuffed when it comes into contact with material such as metal, ceramic, and glass. In many cases, chipping occurs during plumbing repairs and bathroom rehabs. The best way to fix a chip is to not let the tub get chipped in the first place, but unfortunately, stuff happens. When it does, the chip can easily be repaired with an epoxy based formula designed for this purpose.









Things you Will Need:




  1. Mixer and Paddle: (empty water bottle, scrap of foam)
  2. Epoxy enamel
  3. Sandpaper, (medium-course 40)
  4. Heat gun or Hairdryer
  5. Latex Gloves



Lightly sand the wounded area; being careful not to sand beyond the existing enamel. Clear away any remaining dust with a clean cloth. Apply heat for a few seconds from a distance of no less than ten inches.


First coat:




Mix epoxy according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For a chip this size, (roughly 1” sq.) only a few drops of pigment and resin are needed. Apply a thin coat of the formula using the brush applicator provided or a suitable facsimile. (A piece of scrap packaging foam was used for this repair.)

Allow approximately two hours before applying the second coat. Most formulas work best when a second coat is applied while the first coat is still tacky. When the epoxy begins to dry, it will become milky and transparent as shown in the photo above.

  • When finished, discard the mix- it is not recommended for re-use.


Second Coat:




Apply heat for a few seconds; maintaining a safe distance to avoid heat damage.  Create another mix of the epoxy and gently apply over the first coat. The second pass can be a little thicker than the first, but not too much; for a liberal amount would result in an ugly drip mark. A third pass is usually needed for a general enamel touch up, so there is no need to lay the epoxy on too thick.

Tape a warning indicator to avoid accidental scuffing of the new repair. If you are in the middle of multiple bathroom projects, (cleaning, grout, caulk, painting, curtain rod, ect.), it can get stepped on very easily. If there is no tape available, a magic marker will suffice.

Repeat touch up procedure as needed. (3-4 total passes is the norm.)


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Chipped Tub Repair