Worn out Screw Holes on Steel Door frame.



door1      This 32’ X 80” solid wood door with steel plating is known to be at least forty years old- according to the tenant. Throughout the course of the years, the concentrated stress on the top hinge had caused the wood inside the frame to split into pieces. An attempt had been made to repair the door with plastic anchors and epoxy, but the empty cavity offered no surface for the screws to bite.

As a last ditch effort to temporarily rectify the door so it will close without a major hassle, a small piece of lumber was installed behind the hinge. Replacing the entire frame is an extensive repair, however extracting and replacing the section of splintered wood within the frame is ordinarily a neat and easy task.




The remnants of the old wood was removed with a carpenter’s chisel. When the cavity was cleared,  a section of douglas fir was milled on a table saw to achieve a tight fit within the frame. The surface behind the frame is brick; a hammer drill with tap com fasteners was used to mount the customized nub. A strong construction adhesive was also used.




1” course screws were fastened in all four locations. If they become loose and over the next few years, wider thread screws can be used for replacement.

There is certainly no guarantee that the repair will hold up for the next forty years, but the door should function well enough- at least until the inevitable replacement of the ancient fossil hammered out relic of an apartment entry door and frame.





Worn out Screw Holes on Steel Door frame.