How to clear hairy tub drains


Hair has a tendency to get trapped within the strainer mount, and can get treacherously tangled while accumulating waxy, soap residue. A pair of needlenose pliers can remove the gruesome hairball quick and easily.

1) Remove strainer. Insert the pliers into the obstruction while grasping a section of the tangled hair.

2) Twist the pliers around in one direction until the bulk of the hairball wraps around the tool.







Sometimes a secondary set of pliers can be used to grab the remaining blob- if the primary tool fails to grab it all.

After the clog has been removed, the drain should be gravity flushed with warm water. (5 gallon bucket works fine.)

Be sure not to lose the strainer mounting screw; if it does manage to disappear, replace only with brass or galvanized. (A ordinary steel screw will rust and become very difficult to remove in the future. )